Kavyakankshini...bewitching words spun with spindles of thought and quicksilver yarn...: A for Abhimanyu.........A for Ashwathama…


A for Abhimanyu.........A for Ashwathama…

Wisdom bred within us

We learnt about the life’s battlefield

Well in the womb…

We learnt the best way

To enter a battle’s fray

We learnt every move

Every single groove

We learnt to watch our enemy,

That danger came from within

We learnt to conquer fear

And drink the potion of life

Sounds were vital

They may have a medley

Of the death’s knell

The bows and arrows helped

Archery coursed through our veins

Targets were always moral dilemmas

Of that even father couldn’t tell

The grasp was good for an unborn

Was all that  we can sum up

Stuck in there

Surrounded by suffering

Pain and assault

We knew not the way out

“Thou shalt enter

They will fight thee

Ye shalt attack from every angle

Break the maze thus…”

What next…

We are in the maze…

What next…

Why does memory fail?

Mother; let me enter your womb

I need to scrounge for the signs

For my way out…

Mother, this maze is overpowering

Do you least recall?

What next?

This maze is ours

We have entered with supreme will

Now we shall succumb to it

Now we shall use the wheel

Blows rained from everywhere

Where do I seek refuge?

Father; what is the next move

Can your knowledge be of use?

This is our maze….

Eternally it shall be

Like the wound on the forehead

Flowing endlessly

Why my forehead seems damp?

Why my fingers wet with warm blood?

It’s been lifetimes

Yet this wound is fresh


Learning life’s alphabets

A for Abhimanyu......

A for Ashwathama….





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