Kavyakankshini...bewitching words spun with spindles of thought and quicksilver yarn...: August 2008


commercial sense

Your presence keeps interrupting
Like glossy commercials on TV
Cutting my stream of thoughts
Jutting out of my daily soap operas!
Now I think straight,
Suddenly you arrive flashing your designer smile
Comes to fore a profound thought,
There you are! Selling your kisses....
Some more ideas start breeding now
Germinating at a natural pace
Suddenly pops up your alluring face
I shall now shut you off my mind
Least I watch less of you!
But what’s a soap opera without
Gasps and suspense!!!
My thoughts are produced
Hence you remain...
My ultimate commercial drive...
Selling me my dream life
On mind’s TV


From you to nowhere
Am exploding into your being!
The half burnt moon
And stars from dinner
A cosmic treat we had!
Those galaxy tables!
And grey matter!!
Tomorrow, we’ll eat Jupiter!
Tasty it must be...
With so many moons there...
From you to nowhere...
The astral nothingness
Your hallow being
Is filled with my matter
The Sun of my soul!
Come hither, let’s create
Some fertile planet
This earth, lets recreate...

material maddness....

The heart is slightly naïve
Can’t really tell it
That the string of our dewdrop moments
Can’t be worn tonight
To adorn it at the ball of reality...
The mind is cracked a bit
Can’t really convince it
That the cinders from our passions
Can’t make Cinderella...
Her magic also lasts till midnight...
The being is madcap you see
Can’t really explain it
That the purple memories of your touch
Were from the camphor of time,
Left absolutely nothing behind...
My ‘me’ doesn’t know physics you see
Hey! So no Einstein and theory of relativity for me....


Sparkling purple memories
Fast fading away...
Your clear eyes
And moist lips
Seem so close
Yet far away....
I don’t want you in memories
I need you for real
Cause hugs can’t happen
Without your arms around me...