Kavyakankshini...bewitching words spun with spindles of thought and quicksilver yarn...: November 2008


silken bonds

If the mind is made up

And the night stayed up

Mix the lyrics of your life

With mine

If the melody is made up

And the words have come up

Sing the song of your life

With me

If the lines are played up

And the luck messed up

Cry out the pain

To me

If the hope is given up

And the rope burnt up

Take the thread which binds

You to me…




Sing the song of your heart

Till ears of my soul fill up with the melody

Of simplicity

Paint the dream of your eyes

Till the canvas of my palm

Is colorful enough to hide

My destiny

Pluck the flowers of love

Till my garden of solitude

Is blooming with the fragrance

Of your memories

Take my hand and lead me

Onto the ladder of uncertainty

Till the moon kisses me

Through the clouds…

Keep singing, keep painting

Till the hope in my voice

Echoes through you…




simple verse

Simple verse came late to me

Like spring in autumn’s medley

I thought you’d love to be…

The dream of my eyes, you could see

The string of your shoe binds me

To your shoe and to you

Dragging along like a ragged doll

Everywhere you took me

Bumping off my every dream

Song and the rainbow in me

On and on went on your song

Till my words were drowned in me

Abandoned on the shore

Today as you leave me

Though very late

But through heaven’s gate

Simple verse full of love

Just came to me…

dream meadows

Let’s share the bowls of breaths

You take a fistful

I’ll take a few

Breathe out the old

And breathe in the new

Lets crack open a few dreams

You take a fistful

I’ll take a few

Crack open the shell

And pop in a dream

Let’s plant the hope seeds

You take a fistful

I’ll take a few

Press in real deep

Let hope grow anew

Let’s play with the rainbow laces

You hold a fistful

I’ll pull a few

Tie them in your hair

And braid in the dew….


unpainted days

When you are with me

I close my eyes to the world

Your lips tell me then

The taste of your smile’s curl

When you are with me

I slip through the skin of me

Your touch tells me

The height of agony and ecstasy

When you are with me

I put my brush away

Your hands show me

That it’s next day….





Crafted out of ashes,

Sleek, grey and alluring

Shades of ebony and white

Long and strong

Swift and agile

Tampered with fire

And baptized by embers

Her claws were still burning

While her plummet was being modeled

Fiery golden eyes brimmed with purple patience

Nothingness of past lives had wizened her...

As the wind romanced and cajoled her virgin plumage

To lift off and soar in the skies

Her world, her ambit and her destiny

One final look

Out of the smoke and into the heavens

There she flew

Pulsating with heat

Her newly molten bones

Hallowed with energy

Clutched the winds

And thrust upon the skies

Her wings dusted with ashes...

One ultimate screech of victory

Over the mountains, over the plains

Over the seas, over the lakes

Conquering fears and complexes

Vanquishing doubts and piercing through convictions

She did what she knew best

She flew and she flew

Till memories of her burning self were extinguished

One moment she saw the Dnieper

The other moment she plunged

To drown the memories of lifetimes....

She rose to meet a new destiny

She soared and glided past elevated truths

She transcended the spheres of knowledge

She gained what she lost

And lost what she gained

An arduous journey she took...

She flew and she flew

Till she smelt the familiar

The real and the certain

Her plumage caught fire

Mid flight again

Death caught up with her

Burning and flying

Flying and burning

She flapped incessantly

Hoping to make it

Make it to the Baikal

She wanted to live

She wanted to extinguish the fire

Burning within her soul

Strange are the desires of the soul

To burn and be born

To be born to burn

The flame scorching her heart

Had other desires

Slowly scattering ashes

A being was being unmade

Bit by bit losing herself

Ego and all

She was burning

Burning bright

And flying right

Through her death

Her golden eyes

Reflected the deep Baikal

Now calm as the blues of Baikal

The purple passion faded out

Till the orange hues licked them

Slowly circling the mammoth lake

Scattering ashes she fell from the skies

Like a comet or a star maybe

But content that she won’t be born again

For the winds and water had devoured her past

Remnants of all her deeds and lifetimes

She made it

She broke the curse...

Of the phoenix....

To be born again out of ashes....