Kavyakankshini...bewitching words spun with spindles of thought and quicksilver yarn...: June 2009


few questions...

You drive down the same road...everyday...
Does my absence come along?
You hear those haunting tunes...
Does my lyric come along?
You traverse familiar contours...
Does my shiver come along?
You live in bright realities....
Does my dreamy shadow tag along???


As the night burns away,
Ashes of dreams start falling...
Aroma of unfulfilled promises starts spreading...
The window pane shatters,
Fragments of me must prick your gloom,
A rainy night,
My pain is in full bloom...

Wet blue darkness

Your fragrance is melting in this wet blue darkness,
My being touches your memory,
A sliver of mercury slips by,
And darkness wilts forever...
Blooms forth a tear,
With your name,
Hold the inkpot steady,
Least it spills the last drop of emotion,
Leaving my song empty,
Without a haunting end...


Dusty crossroads

Her faint steps on the heated asaphalt

Her missing anklet and cracked heels

Yet she dances in gay abandon…

Whose Radha is she?

What does her Kanha do?

Her innocence is her jewel?

Or some bait hanging for men?

She dances to her own lilting tune…

Did you notice the half lyrics?

Who taught them?

Where are her dreams?

Does she dream of indifference?

Lustful eyes?

Or just pennies?

What is the quest of her being?

Will she ever read the poem of her life?

Or will it always remain a half lyric world for her?


Her tears...

I think I shall write

About her tears

Honest real tears

Salty acrid and burning

Burning with pangs of seperation

Guilt of betrayal 

And burden of loyalty

She wore them well

Like fine refulgent pearls

Strung in pellucid thoughts

Strained across her bosom

Taut and real

She cried for love

She cried for her love

She cried…

I was dazed

By her tears

By her love

And by her

What is the burden

That weighs her down

Makes her cry

And yet she is at peace

How can tears bring peace?

How can betrayal make you calm?

And how can love liberate?

Crisscrossing questions

Play of words

Did I have anything else to offer?

No soothing words

No hands to wipe her tears

No love to match hers

Will you cry for me someday?

Did you do that once for me?

Will there be a poem of our seperation

Will there be words to describe

Our love?

breaking free

That brute force

Those moments shortly before breaking free

Those ramshackles strained..

That last metal giving away…

The gory and heavy memories

They captured me for long

Your every touch had turned lead

Boring through my being

Every poem froze in my eyes

And choked me from within

I knew you were right

You made me feel wrong

You left swiftly

I dragged along…

Love was always the only way

Commitment was your stay

I was free

And you were bound

Solace in each other

I now wonder

How we found..

I have survived

Your venomous seperation

And I am not at all regretting…

The realization that my deeds are blasphemous,

 by itself was emancipating….