Kavyakankshini...bewitching words spun with spindles of thought and quicksilver yarn...: September 2010


Poetry in paper...

After playing around with words for a long time, the curves and poetry of a simple piece of paper enticed me...it's been a year now and i am definitely hooked! A simple piece of paper which held my poems and paintings, itself became a piece of poetry and painting together! at one time! That is the magic of paper quilling....The simple art of folding and twirling strips of paper has really caught hold of me...i thought for quite a while whether this hobby of mine deserves a special blog for itself or my poetry blog should be fine with a new post... finally thought that this is poetry in action, poetry of paper... so it definitely should be here...
I have put in all my attempts at quilling over here...hope you enjoy them all!

This was one of my very first attempts at quilling...of course the finish is lil bit tacky...but it was fun trying it out!

After this began the journey of paper strips and all possibilities of using them in innovative ways!
The first attempt served as a decoration for Ganpati festival last year!
Have a look!

Then i moved on to greeting cards...that was one more place, where people loved my new art...

This was a Valentine Day card for my hubby dear!
Then there was this other one which belongs to one of my early attempts at quilling...

Then there is one more card in which i used wax crayons and then quilled to get the highlight effect...it turned out kinda quirky...

Its kinda fun experimenting with other mediums and then coming back to quilling as an add-on!
Once done with the greeting cards i moved on to cutting and quilling...its kinda fun too!
Check it out!

Well isn't it cute and whacky! well and its not really an incomplete one...it says I luv...and the rest is quilled...yes it says I LUV Quilling! :))
Then i went on to quill a few frames for myself and a gifted a few to friends...here is one example of that quilled frame...

Isn't it all very exciting and poetic! hope you enjoyed this paper poetry!
Till the next time...i shall be back with some more exciting paper poetry and real poetry as well!!