Kavyakankshini...bewitching words spun with spindles of thought and quicksilver yarn...: 2010


Poetry in paper...

After playing around with words for a long time, the curves and poetry of a simple piece of paper enticed me...it's been a year now and i am definitely hooked! A simple piece of paper which held my poems and paintings, itself became a piece of poetry and painting together! at one time! That is the magic of paper quilling....The simple art of folding and twirling strips of paper has really caught hold of me...i thought for quite a while whether this hobby of mine deserves a special blog for itself or my poetry blog should be fine with a new post... finally thought that this is poetry in action, poetry of paper... so it definitely should be here...
I have put in all my attempts at quilling over here...hope you enjoy them all!

This was one of my very first attempts at quilling...of course the finish is lil bit tacky...but it was fun trying it out!

After this began the journey of paper strips and all possibilities of using them in innovative ways!
The first attempt served as a decoration for Ganpati festival last year!
Have a look!

Then i moved on to greeting cards...that was one more place, where people loved my new art...

This was a Valentine Day card for my hubby dear!
Then there was this other one which belongs to one of my early attempts at quilling...

Then there is one more card in which i used wax crayons and then quilled to get the highlight effect...it turned out kinda quirky...

Its kinda fun experimenting with other mediums and then coming back to quilling as an add-on!
Once done with the greeting cards i moved on to cutting and quilling...its kinda fun too!
Check it out!

Well isn't it cute and whacky! well and its not really an incomplete one...it says I luv...and the rest is quilled...yes it says I LUV Quilling! :))
Then i went on to quill a few frames for myself and a gifted a few to friends...here is one example of that quilled frame...

Isn't it all very exciting and poetic! hope you enjoyed this paper poetry!
Till the next time...i shall be back with some more exciting paper poetry and real poetry as well!!


Day and night

As the flame of the night
Flickers and dies
A steady glow spreads
Permeating through the horizon
Filling each crevice and crack
With that molten golden liquid
Of the day!
When the earth’s bowl
Is full with this honeyed golden fluid
Ripples of events
Dance across the surface
And ebb on the shores of uncertainty
Stay there till the lamp of the night
Casts its luminous glow


The pain is still green
The pain of her loss
Green at the edges
And greener at the stem
Slowly unfurling
Curled up memories
Pushing through buds of agony
Tendrils of her touch
Are still quivering
Glistening leaflets
Wet with dew of tears
Rooted firmly in the dark moist soil
Of life

The Maestro and his Bride

Through the fertile valley
Through the mighty mountains
Across the galloping river
Through the venerable pines
Reverberates your music
The dance of your strings
Each tiny strum
Brings the Sun closer
To the lips of eager mountains
Each flicker of peace
Makes the stars bloom with radiance
Every sound carves
An intricate pattern on the soul
Waves of awareness
Raise the being
Dust sparkles around you
Forms a silver halo
The cedar of your instrument
Is filled with content
As the evening parts
The night ushers in...
Your eternal bride

*Photo courtesy: Vikrant Chauhan

When mother braided hair...

A comb of memories
Runs across tresses of lifetimes
Tears oil them well...
Nourish them...
Remember those deft strokes
Unlocking each strand
Undoing each knot
Slowly you laboured
Daily, a ritual
A dance of your hands
As they deftly parted
And halved for once
Your hands run
To braid each part
Interlocking lives
Securing tender moments
One cross at a time
Criss cross cross criss
Your pleats grew
Out came a dainty ribbon to adorn
That thick braid
And secure it tightly
To last till eternity


New beginings....

It’s been a long while since I really exercised my rainbow cells (creative grey cells) and my fingers to produce something nice! Life has been moving at an eclectic pace! Falling in love had been common almost! Honestly! But Rising up to meet the love of my life has been once in a lifetime experience!
So many changes and so many stories of changes, full of subtexts and subplots! Well not getting into changes per say! Just the kind of feeling you keep getting that something is changing and in a manner so decisive, gentle and yet so powerful! It seems more like some animation clip in slow motion, unfurling of the mind, blooming of a flower and rise of a star…it’s more like it I think…
I have met different flavors of life, different people and have been close with many as well, more like trying out and enjoying different cuisines of the world! But then I always found something missing in each…today I realize that the missing flavor was of salt! Yes to find the salt of my life was vital…it shall keep me alive longer…its indispensible and so unassuming yet so very essential!
Life still poses challenges, I still anticipate changes in me and my surroundings with same eagerness I cannot really define, but then beyond all that the core of the mind is now at peace, peace of having found peace, the other significant half and peace that there did exist one such half!
It’s lovely to know someone loves you and the works, but it is really lovely to sense that someone is also getting a feeling of being complete when you are around! Where it’s beyond mere give and take, where each encourages the other to take and gently nudges to give…and to do so effortlessly…the beauty lies there, in effortlessness…
Essays on and about love can be many but then capturing the ethos, the essence of that wonderful primal feeling is what matters. I; for once am not competing or struggling to capture the feeling in words. I have learnt that the beauty lies not in possessing but in empowering, fuelling a stellar existence of the other! Complementing than competing and overlapping than stamping out! Existences and their harmonies, the beauty of that harmony now seems so pellucid! The search ends here; I can sit here for ages to listen to the melody created by this harmony, this universal, all consuming harmony.
This piece of text neither seems creative nor effective in portraying what I really wish to say… But then the unsaid bespeaks volumes through the same text…
This is just a mere drop in the ocean of silence around me…am loving and living in silences which speak so much for me that its almost meditative and healing to nurture silence after knowing, learning to speak so many languages and so many times over playing with words and chords of the heart of so many around me….
Now with some clarity and authority I may state that the constant progression towards achieving that one vital link in life ends for me…now on a different take at life and love…