Kavyakankshini...bewitching words spun with spindles of thought and quicksilver yarn...: cracked smiles n songs


cracked smiles n songs

As I remember the times we spent for each others sake,
I just wonder now, was it love or was the feeling fake?
The misty blues, rainy hues and the gardens lush green,
Without you around everything is just not seen.
Giving up everything, just for your sake,
Is there anything, that you forgot to take?
Waiting up all the time besides the phone to ring,
Catching to the tunes of the songs we used to sing.
As my heart breaks, I try to fall asleep,
But still all our memories make me flip.
With everyday, the feeling for you gets tender,
And every moment, makes my love grow stronger.
I really couldn’t stand the pressure or the pain,
Not talking to or not seeing you, makes me go insane.
I really wished, I felt that we were still one,
do you remember, all the laughter and the fun?
Sharing my love to someone else is not my case,
So I hide my broken heart beneath a laughing face.

- adapted by Teju

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