Kavyakankshini...bewitching words spun with spindles of thought and quicksilver yarn...: Blind man’s buff…


Blind man’s buff…

Eyes closed…

Round and round

The hand turned me

Round and round

I kept counting my turns

To keep a track of directions

To know which way will I go?

Once the turning stops

And suddenly it stopped


Mid circle

I undid my tangled feet

And senses

Till I could put forth

My first step

I heard the cries

Each one calling me out

Each one probing and poking me

Cajoling me to come to them

There I stood

Faithful to darkness

Rather compelled into fidelity

Thought now I shall be right

As they say loyalty nurtures relations

Hence I began my journey with the darkness…


Two three

Four five six

I thought I reached out to someone

Suddenly it gave away

The place where I thought I had rested my hand

Three four

Five six

There I feel someone again

Suddenly I hear my name

I swirl around

Was it you?

It was a sing-a-song way

Of calling my name

Just like you do…

I take one step

But…I stumble

It’s not you…

Illusion perhaps

Now again the calling begins

I wander slowly

Arms wide, flailing…

Round and round

Further away from the chaos I went

Till I bumped into


I imagined it was you

Strangely enough

Fell my band which covered my eyes

It was him

The way I never wanted

Yet he was the catch

I won the game they said

While I wept for you

And cursed the cosmic game maker,

Who put me in the arms of a stranger…

With an allusion that I chose him….

Blind man… and the cosmic bluff…





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