Kavyakankshini...bewitching words spun with spindles of thought and quicksilver yarn...: You are my last indulgence…


You are my last indulgence…

I send you couplets

Full of hope and joy

I wish you the moon,

Sun and the ever changing sky

I serve you the last saved up

Piece of dream and cream

I see you in the mirrors

Of the soul

I paint you with

The faintest shade of pink

Least you recognize it

In your sleep…

Least your blue quilt

Faintly gives off

That quaint smell of

My stale unshed tear

I fear you’d raise your hand

And let me play

With the mirages of destiny

And simply clasp my fingers

At the first tinkling of laughter


And then lead me back

Into the streets so bare

Through the latticed alleys

Of time and prime

Into my own world…

I shall cherish that oasis of touch

Always…reminding myself

That you were my last indulgence…

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  1. Its beautiful, like so many other posts.. I love the way you write and play with words and arouse emotions never felt before! its simply lovely