Kavyakankshini...bewitching words spun with spindles of thought and quicksilver yarn...: farewell......



When his hands clasp yours

And the fires are raging

Slip one ornamental hand

Into the recesses of suppressed desires

Bejeweled and hidden

In your breast

Let your painted fingers

Rush slightly over my bare spine

For that one last moment

Of trembling sensations

Clasp your hand around my waist

Hold my being tightly yet lightly

Like you’d clasped the first butterfly

Our togetherness may shiver

And meekly resist

Maybe beg for life…

Close those enchanting eyes

Least a tear might betray…

And pick me from there

A flash and ashes will merge

Watch that burning

Feel that heat, feel that cold

As he waits for the scented water

To pass through the intricate patterns

Of your hands into his…

A befitting farewell

Was my last wish….

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