Kavyakankshini...bewitching words spun with spindles of thought and quicksilver yarn...: Ink's song


Ink's song

Part of me was always fluid
Blue and truly flowing
Part of me was always vivid
Copious and bottled
Part of me was always damp
Dark and brooding
Part of me was always mottled
Musty yet powerful
Part of me was dry drab
Dragging around words
Part of me was always sitting
On the nib of pointy uncertainties
And then fine day, sprung forth a thought
Interlacing my being around her
Tugging at my anxious corners
Cajoling me out of dried out emotions
Bursting forth in a fecund spring
Nourishing nurturing the wells within
Oh what joy to dance along
To be in a writer’s pen
To be the fine blue ink in her happy song!

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