Kavyakankshini...bewitching words spun with spindles of thought and quicksilver yarn...: Shopaholism...coming out with my addiction.... ;)


Shopaholism...coming out with my addiction.... ;)

Bound by the chains of work, dumped in the dungeon called office...the shopaholic wailed...for freedom..for hope. On the tiny prison window, twittered a cute pink birdie...want a respite? Here’s some magic...but remember girlie you must not think of shopping or you shall have to come back to this prison!!

She happily agreed...escaped the dungeon and ran towards freedom...a charming knight drove her to a dark cellar...she winced.. The screen was suddenly aglow with those magical moments....” Confessions of a shopaholic...”

“I mustn’t shop, I don’t need it! It’s not needed...just cherish these moments...”was it Becky Bloomwood saying it or was it me repeating it? Lines suddenly blurred...movie and dreamy reality kept fusing together while the convict kept traveling New York – Mumbai in those movie hours...promising herself that New York ought to be my next work destination...why? Does this recession offer me a glam job in New York??? No! Just that I would be able to shop better....

Shopaholic meets Shopaholic...what potent brew could you ever think of!!!

Well before it get more ambiguous let's get you to  the story of dear Rebecca..the girl inflicted with shopaholism....as the tag line says..”all she needed was a little more credit”

The girl has everything, style, spunk and talent...our dudette in question has one more thing a glam clutch to hold all her credit cards! A tiny girl who grew up to those magical squares which allowed her to buy all that her heart desired....one swoosh! It did sweep her off her feet...all the time..it was the swoosh of the credit card!!!

Desires and wants blur often for growing and independent women..the cities offer titillations off the streets with those four letter words...”SALE

Rebecca represents that class of newly independent urban woman who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it! Albeit some mess here and there...but then that’s how stories proceed...right...take a thread and entangle it and detangle it again...

The story of our heroine proceeds pretty much like that...she gets more and more shopping done, piles up credit and suddenly with the credit card mails she realizes that she has been fired!!! How very recessionistic...(realistic!!!) so now we have a helpful and sensible friend of the heroine who tries to calculate the exact depth of the debt pit our lady has dug for herself!! A classic amount it turns out to be..In this dire situation braced with hope the lady goes out to seek work with a fashion magazine called Alette!

En route she is cajoled by the mannequin to buy a stylish green scarf...how can she refuse even when she is falling short of 20$ and who gives’em to her? A no nonsense poker faced finance guy of course!

 Happy she reaches her dream job destination only to realize that the job is taken...some smart advice from the receptionist lands her in front of our very same no nonsense guy...she is interviewed for the financial magazine! All silly crap she says and gets back home disappointed, hating our Mr No nonsense...

A swap of letters in drunken stupor and voila! We have Becky working for the financial magazine...the ultimate color palette in the otherwise grey setting of the office!

And my! Does she bring only color with her? Nah! A lot more layman theories about complex Financial concepts and there we have a successful columnist in Rebecca aka the girl in the green scarf!

Life now is about dodging many things like a nagging friend asking her to attend SA meetings (Shopaholics Anonymous), sales  which still giving her those highs, a hard driven credit recovery agent and to top it all a demanding boss!! How our lady manages that all is sheer screen delight...go on watch it...

What next...a splendid collection of shoes, clothes and all things nice..make every gal go weak in her knees..was it a movie or me sitting in one gigantic double spread of a glam fashion magazine!!! That was what the convict felt!! The recession, the heat and the dungeon seemed far away...so did the knight who got her here....

Okie veering back to the story....What next! Becky Bloomwood gets too famous too soon, falls for Mr No Nonsense but then he still is holding back....down comes crashing all her hopes after a major showdown on a TV show! All lies are strewn like those shopping tags from all her shopping bouts...(this is made up by me..)

Reality shakes up our dame, makes her auction all her stuff including the famed green scarf...

Does Rebecca Bloomwood now the very unemployed Becky - the girl sans the green scarf, get her scarf back? Does she manage to get back to her dear friend on her wedding day? Does she actually transform Mr No nonsense poker face into her prince charming? And importantly...will she get rid of her addiction...

Go on and watch the movie for all this...babes out there, go watch it n feel nice in bits and parts...after all shopping does make a woman feel so complete...so loved and so very liberated....

Guys out there...follow our knight’s deed..take those charming chicks you know for this one flick..you might get an insight in a female mind!

And all moms and dads...please go out and watch why their daughters need a new dress for every occasion and after every mood swing!! Shopping is therapy!!! Of course in small doses...

 PS: After this movie heavy with memory of those lovely shopping bags from all her earlier shopping sprees...our absconding convict was taken to the ultimate torture cell....a glitz mall!!! And what do you expect? Not to think of shopping? Not be tempted about noting down mentally all the places that she had to come!!! But poof! As the birdie warned! The spell did break!!

And the convict was transported back to the dungeon in a heavy yellow metal box on wheels...

Back to the rut...chained to work....

Confessions of a shopaholic...seems like just a pretty dream....

The pretty dame starring the movie? Isla Fisher, Mr No nonsense Poker face? The very cute-i-so-much-want to-ruffle-his hair Hugh Dancy

The convict escaping prison: Of course ME! The pink birdie:IdeaSmith, The knight in a shining car: Moksh, The spices of the evening: Ankita aka Superchooha,  the  super cool Papillion- Rehab and the cute Punk polka Dots

A memory of escape, fun and magic...

This preview of the Sophie Kinsella written novel turned movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic was courtesy The Social Media Catalyst. Interesting watch!


  1. Brilliant!!!!

    p.s. i wanted to shop too, rather than drink!! *hic*

  2. that was one long post.

    but loved it.the best one out of all our posts
    loved d spices part :)

    very wel written indeed.

  3. Pink, it's not even a question. :-p

  4. Love the prose and the poetry and the blog title!!! you are one interesting gal. and yes simply wonderful and a great read!